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Screening Crushing Buckets

SBS (Scandinavian Blue Steel) VPH & VPV PRO Screening Crushing Buckets

SBS screening buckets are perhaps the most sophisticated buckets on the market, suitable for soil screening, padding over pipes and cables, crushing, mixing/aeration, and separation of excavated materials.

The buckets are heavy-duty and durable due to a combination of innovative design and high-quality steel, such as Hardox. This makes the buckets lighter, yet stronger, than many similar buckets on the market. Bucket capacity can be increased, enabling a larger range of machines to be used with the same bucket.

SBS offers models and sizes with various types of rotor to match user needs and required capacity.

VPH / VPV buckets are suitable for both wheel loaders and excavators.

  • Suitable for most applications, regardless of face shovel/back hoe and loader.
  • Unique rotor placement follows the natural flow and movement characteristics of the material.
  • Maximised effect gives approximately 35% more volume than a traditional screening bucket.
  • Does not require hydraulic motor drain line.
  • Unique design with replaceable discs makes maintenance simple and cost-effective.
  • Unique conversion from screening bucket to crushing bucket in just a few minutes.
  • Can also be supplied with a screening system that is approximately 400% stronger than a traditional screening bucket.
  • SBS Screening System can also be fitted to other screening buckets on the market.
  • Removable high-capacity kit.

Examples of applications:

  1. Soil screening
  2. Padding
  3. Composting
  4. Contaminated material
  5. Sludge handling
  6. Wood chip handling
  7. Bark screening and grinding
  8. Crushing of gypsum, bricks, porcelain, glass, asphalt, etc.

SBS Recycling System solves problems and benefits the environment.
SBS (Scandinavian Blue Steel) helps companies save time and money.