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Screening equipment

SBS (Scandinavian Blue Steel) DS is a high-production compact screener for separating material into two fragment sizes.

Powerful vibration over the screen bucket ensures efficient screening even in wet material.

Hydraulically operated remote control tipping feed screen.

DS is suitable for handling materials such as soil, compost, recycling material, de-icing sand, peat, gravel, chips, and sand.

Power Pack with diesel engine.
Replaceable screening meshes.
DS-3000 is suitable for loaders with a bucket width of 2200-2900 mm.
DS-2400 is suitable for smaller machines.

DS 3000
– QHS, Quadra Hit and Shake

Dimensions (mm/kg) DS-2400 DS-3000
Width, mm 2450 3200
Height, mm 2450 2250/2850
Weight (from), kg 1050 1400/1600
Screening area, mm 2200×1000 2900×1000

High-capacity 600 mm box available.

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