GS Series

SBS (Scandinavian Blue Steel) GS Screening and Sorting Buckets

SBS GS is one of the most efficient screening buckets on the market, suitable for screening soils, compost, padding over cables, pipes and culverts, mixing/aeration, and separation of excavated materials.

SBS-logoHigh-production screening/sorting buckets with minimal oil flow requirement.

SBS GS Screening and Sorting Buckets offer one of the biggest capacities per kilo on the market. The low hydraulic oil flow requirement enables it to be used with the tilt rotator, which gives greater flexibility.

The GS Series 2 & 3-axled rotors require only 25 to 30 litres of oil per minute, and from 55 litres per minute for the GS Series 4-axled screening/sorting buckets (max 200 bar).

The GS Screening/Sorting Buckets do not require any additional return pipes. The unit is simply connected to the single or double-acting hydraulic circuit on the carrier.

Outstanding capacity in most materials, regardless of the weather.

Polyurethane screening stars
The lightweight polyurethane stars enable a large screening area to increase capacity. The polyurethane stars are long-lasting and require little maintenance, so no additional cleaning system is required. Each star can also be individually replaced.

The SBS GS series is mainly designed for the Nordic market and Nordic conditions and working methods. Common applications include soil/earth screening (also compost management), padding material or padding straight from the bucket, and gravel extraction.


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